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Crossing Borders/ Crossing Boundaries, Group Show _ Street Art Museum,St Petersburg,Russia



Dots :Shosse Revolutsll 84_ Asian Traditional Ink, Thumbprint on Wall_ Street Art Museum, St Petersburg, Russia, 2016

Composition no.6 (Painting blocks series)_ found object,acrylic@ Shosse Revolutsll84, Street Art Museum, St Petersburg, Russia,2016

Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries — Rafael Schacter Invitation from Street Art Museum on Vimeo.

Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries @ Street Art Museum, St Petersburg,Russia_ 5.14-10.14, 2016



LOST IN THIS MOMENT_ Artist JAZOO Yang x Haku Sungho, 2013 _ Gallery Unofficial Preview, Seoul

haku sungho & JAZOO Yang_ 100YEARS SKIN

_Abandoned Korean traditional roof tile ‘GIWA’ taken from the demolished village, House paint, Wood panel_2013

haku sungho & JAZOO Yang_ LOST IN THIS MOMENT

_Installation work by using abandoned furnitures and fixtures, building materials taken from the demolished village_2013


_Canvas,wood,springs,plastic cups,a microphone,a light bulb_2013


LOST IN THIS MOMENT, JAZOO Yang x Haku Sungho _ Gallery Unofficial Preview, Seoul

Grants : Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture