GlogauAIR Open Studios + CANVAS INSTRUMENT Live Performance

GlogauAIR, Glogauer Str.16 10999 Berlin / 15.12.17 – 16.12.17


The last GlogauAIR Open Studios of this year ( on 15th –16th December) will be presenting the audience with a variety of exciting activities as well as giving them the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the resident artists´new projects.

Furthermore, GlogauAIR will be hosting the exhibition Place, the End of One´s Journey- an attempt to give a sense to the definition of place in the context of a globalized society.

In collaboration with the music label Stil vor Talent the inauguration of the event will be accompanied by an exhilarating DJ set by the Berlin-based DJNiko Schwind (Official).

On the second day, the event will be counting with the artist talk “What Borders in a Global World” with the invited artists Fuentesal & Arenillas and Marta Lodola, and later on the performance “Canvas Instrument II” by Jazoo Yang and Haku Sungho

-GlogauAIR Resident artists-
Alexander Bondar // Jose Caerols // Wei Fei // Nessa Finnegan // Fuentesal & Arenillas // Yuan Gao // Kim Hyun Kyung // Marko Ivic // Jenny Lewis // Jia-Jen Lin // Fermín Sales // Vappu Tuomisto & Matti Koskinen // Jazoo Yang & Haku Sungho

-Project Space Exhibition-
Hagit Cohavi // Jinran Ha // Laura Ribeiro Mascarenhas
Curated by Hyein Park

The advance of the globalization of economic and cultural exchange have allowed people to move beyond the idea of a sense of place in a physical sense. Therefore, as a central key to have a sense of place for modern human being, the most, important step can be finding and relating to the parts of feeling and experiences which they can carry around, no matter where they are. In other words, internalizing the feelings of place inside themselves can be a primary requirement for people to expand the spectrum of a sense of place. In this sense, a sense of place does not lie any longer in a geographical place, but in stories built up by our daily experiences.

This exhibition congregates diverse cultural contexts and reflects intimate senses of place, by showcasing individual interpretations of the urban environment both public and private. This show is about discovering new ways of conceiving one’s own place and balance beyond a physical realm.


Friday 15 December // 19:00 – 24:00

20:00 // Ephemories // Performance // Mateo Argerich

20:30 // Grippin World // Live DJ Session
// Niko Schwind // Still Vor Talent

Saturday 16 December // 16:00 – 22:00

17:00 // What borders In a global world // Artist’s Talk
// Fuentesal & Arenillas – Marta Lodola

19:00 // Lost in this moment // Performance // 
// Jazoo Yang – Haku Sungho

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Renata Peppl에 의해 게시 됨 2017년 9월 25일 월요일

Silver Sehnsucht

The Silver Building / 30.09.17 – 08.10.17

Join Approved by Pablo as we takeover a 50,000 square foot factory in the East London district of Silvertown for a multi-sensorial, immersive exhibition bringing together 12 emerging artists from 6 different countries and acting as an experimental B-side to London’s Frieze Art Fair.

Filling the poetically empty rooms of the building with sound, video, installation, performance, and events, the project will occur weeks before the Brutalist block is transformed into a working space for artists and makers in a project being undertaken in partnership between Mill Co. and the GLA.

Silver Sehnsucht will critically reflect on both the odd merging of past, present and future that the German word Sehnsucht connotes, as well as the ways these are reflected in the surrounding area of Silvertown itself. It will explore the bittersweet feeling which emerges from the increasing speed of contemporary world, the feeling of loss for something unknown in the anxious process of ushering in something new. 

Silver Sehnsucht
at the Silver Building
Open 30th September to 8th October 2017
(excluding 2nd / 3rd October)
11am – 6pm or by appointment
Free Entry

work by :
Brad Downey, Christian Jankowski, Christine Sun Kim, Christopher Stead, Helena Hunter and Mark Peter Wright, James Bridle, Jazoo Yang, Khadija Von Zinnenbug Carroll, Mark Salvatus, Poklong Anading, Paola Torres Nunez Del Prado, Rosana Antoli, William Mackrell
Opening party performances by:
Mark Leckey, Trevor Jackson, Latete Atoto, Rory Bowens


Curation by:
Rafael Schacter, Mara-Johanna Kolmel and Silvana Lagos (all courtesy of Approved by Pablo)



Exhibition Silver Sehnsucht unlocks nostalgia’s past, present and future

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The 1st Jeju Biennale, 2.9.17-3.12.17

Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju City old town, Seogwipo City old town, and the Alddreu Airfield area. / 26.04.17 – 12.04.17


For more details, please check out the Jeju Biennale homepage at




Increasingly Deeper Layers of The Past

Gallery BOANINN / 26.04.17 – 12.04.17

work by :
Sindae Kang

Kyoungjin Park

Jazoo Yang


Yunseok Joung

Eunji Jo

more info