Materials Ⅱ

Covers from buildings’ outer walls, wallpapers from abandoned houses, interior materials, pieces of a mosquito net from someone’s house, tiles, traditional Korean roof tile Giwa which is difficult to find today, and fragments of a ridgepole from old mossy buildings. During the process of bringing diverse collected traces from streets to canvases, as distanced objects become the start point of painting, in other words, the main agent, the artist JAZOO Yang steps aside. The more the artist’s responses towards the main agent of her practice, the objects, are emphasized, the more this methodology of the artist about a sense of distance embraces objects from a city, street and wall into painting. And then, when objects are collected from streets, the artist reversely takes a more active part in looking at a city.



The silver box (Materials series)_ 65 x 54 x82 cm / 25.6 x 21.2 x 32.3 in, found objects from The Silver Building in London, solventfree epoxy, 2017