Canvas Instrument

Artist haku sungho & JAZOO Yang  [CANVAS INSTRUMENT] 2013

230H x 200W x 182D cm / 89.5H x 78.7W x 71D in
Canvas,wood,springs,plastic cups,a microphone,a light bulb_2013
캔버스,나무,스프링,플라스틱 컵,마이크,전구를 이용한 설치작업_ 2013

Using the same principle of a string telephone played by kids, this device delivers frictional vibrations of the canvas made by stroke of an artist — JAZOO Yang through metal springs to a musician –haku sungho. The collected sounds from the device are taken into a computer and simultaneously the musician proceeds sampling andrecording the sounds.

The sounds (of strokes) are amplified and affected by prepared speakers and a guitar amp, and it conveys the trajectory of the painter’s motion to the painter herself again. Every sound source is oscillated from the canvas. The main concept of this device is involving the inevitable sounds made by bodily movements of the painter and making the musical order deviated
from what the painter could expect.

화가 (JAZOO Yang)의 스트로크가 만들어내는 캔버스와의 마찰 및 진동이 실 전화의 원리와 같이 스프링에 의해 플라스틱 컵으로 전달된다. 컵 앞에 장치된 마이크에 모인 소리가 뮤지션에게 전달되고, 이렇게 전달 된 캔버스 소리를 뮤지션(haku sungho)이 녹음과 샘플링 작업으로 동시간에 진행한다. 스피커,기타 앰프를 통해 증폭, 이펙트된 소리 (스트로크)는 화가에게 다시 그 행위의 궤적을 전한다. 모든 음원은 캔버스에서 발진 된 것으로, 화가의 신체에 의한 불가피한 소리에 대한 관여 ,예상되는 음악적 질서에서의 일탈을 목적으로한다.

Canvas Instrument Ⅱ

Music : Haku Sungho Painting : Jazoo Yang Live Painting at Arena Club, Berlin 23 March 2018 TRIBE V °The Getae, a Thracian tribe° ed. This canvas instrument is a device that coexists and complicates perception of different areas (or so defined) respectively. Painter Jazoo Yang and musician Haku Sungho share a different perception from their traditional methodology. All the sounds are transmitted to the musician through this instrument, that is, through the actions of the painter, and musicians can not select their own sounds. On the other hand, the painter expands the sense of friction in her painting , because it is amplified as sounds. Among the conditions that can be called these 'constraints', the most important point is to explore ways in which each perception is reborn in a newly overlapping area, through the Canvas Instrument , using a simple and understandable principle

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