Dots series

Dots : Besançon (FR) 2018

A collective mural with the participation of more than 250 young migrants and Besançon residents using their thumbprint with Asian traditional ink 'Inju'

@ Bien Urbain Festival 2018

photo : Élisa Murcia-Artengo

@ Dots : Besançon (FR) Bien Urbain Festival 2018

Dots:Shosse Revolustll 84

Street Art Museum (SAM), St.Petersburg, Rusia, 2016 Asian traditional ink 'Inju' on wall
Borders And Boundaries

A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibit 2016

At St. Petersburg’s Street Art Museum

Jazoo Yang’s Dots series originates from her work in her native Korea, in particular within areas of the city going through the process of redevelopment. Using traditional Korean ink, and solely using her thumbprint (a marking used as a signature on important documents), Yang’s work sought to bring focus on the increasing amount of “redevelopment refugees” in the city

For Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries, Yang has expanded her Dots Series to incorporate the issue of refugees and migrants in Europe and further beyond. Working mainly on her own but also with immigrant workers from the factory itself, Yang discusses their stories, their histories, their existence with these individuals as they mark the wall together. These imprints act as a record of this moment whilst remaining entirely silent.

In Yang’s Painting Block Works, this theme of memory and regeneration continues. Exploring the violent so central to the contemporary city, Yang wants to ask how much we perceive our lives and make independent decisions within these oppressive environments. She aims to bring these problems to the surface through rebuilding them with the materials we so readily abandon, in Korea using objects from deserted houses and buildings, here in Russia using the detritus and ephemera of the factory itself.

- Rafael Schacter, 2016

@ Dots:Shosse Revolustll 84,  2016

Asian traditional ink 'Inju' on abandoned boat, Stavanger, Norway 2018 @ Nuart Festival 2018

Photo : Kristina Borhes

(...) In Stavanger, the artist marked a dilapidated, land-locked boat with thumbprints, alluding to the evisceration of traditional seafaring industries in Stavanger such as shipping and fishing in favour of the lucrative oil industry, as well as the global migrant crisis and widespread apathy towards the humanitarian crisis arising from forced migration on a mass scale. (...) 
- JUXTAPOZ Magazine 

@ Nuart Festival 2018