Spray paint on wall, Stavanger, Norway, 2018

using Korean symbols of forced evictions and demolition
Public Work
Commissioned by  Nuart Festival 2018 

Site images in Busan, South Korea
Photo : Youngmoon Ha

(...) The title, '1881-1', refers to the address of a demolished house in Busan in Yang´s native South Korea, which was cleared as part of the city´s sweeping gentrification program. In Busan, there are over 100 redevelopment districts eating away at the city’s landscape day-by-day. The mural holds particular significance in Stavanger East; vast swathes of which have been transformed from a post-industrial ruin into a thriving residential and ´start-up´ district over the last 10 years. Each symbol (either a circle, cross or dot) carries a specific meaning: deserted house, demolishment or illegal occupation - indicating whether or not the building is clear and ready for demolition or not. 

In Stavanger, as in Busan, they´ve been uniformly sprayed in highly saturated, garish red.

-JUXTAPOZ Magazine 2018


@ Nuart Festival 2018
Photo : Kristina Borhes, Nazar Tymoshchuk