collected materials from street in Busan, South Korea

solventfree epoxy paints, panel

8.9×6.2in / 22.7×15.8cm, 2017

From 2016 to 2017, Yang continued her art practice in Busan which is the second biggist city in Korea. At that time, more than 100 towns in there were being redeveloped or planned to be redeveloped. 
In the old town of Busan : 'Gamman - dong, Choryang , Oncheonjang ' that is disappearing due to redevelopment, she scrapes, gathers and re-assembles remnants of flaking paint, old wallpaper, rusted metal and the flotsam and jetsam of demolished and vacated sites, reconstituting them in the studio in acts of remembrance; time and memory sealed in resin.
It is about “time”. 
In Busan, Korea in 2016, I had the opportunity to work with an old building that had been sealed for a long time. It was the first time I walked into the building which no one had been visiting for 30 years. When I first unlocked the seal of it located in the middle of the city, it felt like touching something closer to nature than the violence of the city. The more I experienced the senses of it that were so sensitive and experienced the traces left in this house, the more I felt the longing and nostalgia that seemed to exist there as well. 

Feeling nostalgic in the unfamiliar place is a truly special experience. What is longing or nostalgia? What is this sense when I am suddenly nostalgic every time I walk old alleys and encounter strange places?
Personally, the work at the old building in Busan has transformed the familiar feeling of longing into a special experience. I’ve decided to retrace the longing. And this experience gave me a better view of the city.

- Jazoo Yang, 2016

Installation view 

Work in Progress, Busan, South Korea 2016
Photo : Youngmoon Ha

28.6x24.6in | 72.7x62.6cm, 2017

Materials, Detail cuts
Photo : Élisa Murcia-Artengo

@ Materials series 2017