Stolen Time

Stolen Time (Materials series)

using peeling paint from wall, pieces of someone’s house, abandoned things from street.

Yang’s Materials series are an amalgamation of the diverse, the distant, and the disregarded. Formed of the lost fragments of urban life that Yang rescues before their inevitable disappearance – remnants of a building’s outer walls, scraps of wallpaper from an interior, the remains of antique tiles – these often silent, ignored objects are here magnified from the mundane, framed to acknowledge the immensity of the intimate.
(...) Yang’s works, however, show how the past, present and future are fused in the very materiality of walls.

- Rafael Schacter, 2017

Stolen Time no.1 (Materials series)

Collected objects from street (Berlin and Busan, South Korea)

 crystal resin, wooden frame120H x 95W x 7D cm 47.2H x 37.4W x 2.8D in

The silver box (Materials series)
65 x 54 x82 cm / 25.6 x 21.2 x 32.3 in
found objects from The Silver Building in London, 
solventfree epoxy, 2017


Filling potholes with resin and materials using peeled from the walls of different buildings in Besançon, France. 

Commissioned by Bien Urbain Festival 2018 

at Emile ZOLA street , Besançon, France

@ STOLEN TIMES 2017-2018