iron oxide pigment, trees, 2020

TWO DEGREES PLUS : A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibit 2020
Commissioned by Artrmx e.V.

On small paths along the Hambach Forest, Jazoo Yang collects many sensual and often contradictory impressions. Deciduous trees, a crack somewhere very high up, a small branch falling to the ground. Birdsong, rustling leaves, the wind, a mossy, earthy smell or, beautiful mushroom formations. Fallen trees with their gigantic roots sticking up in the air, dead wood where insects cavort, and brambles. Tree houses and, bicycles, lovingly designed barricades by people who care about the forest and its preservation and who protect it. And then, at the very end of the forest, a huge hole appears out of nowhere, the Hambach open pit mine. The machines that excavate the lignite here day in and day out, even they are tiny compared to the vast empty wasteland that was forest not so long ago. The disappearance of entire landscapes can be seen precisely at this quarry edge - on one side, the green of the trees, and on the other, the gray-beige iridescent coal mining area.

Yang's installation 'NOW WHAT DO WE WISH FOR' incorporates all of these different impressions. They merge with the myths of the forest, with prehistoric handprint rituals as well as with the Korean ‘Seonangdang trees’ - very old, sacred trees that protect places, houses and people. What is left then, when more and more landscapes and forests are disappearing, little by little?

- Margrit Miebach, Director @ Artrmx e.V.

Installation view @ Artrmx e.V. / Photo by Pietro Viti

work in progress / photo by Ansgar Hiller