All that remains and something that never disappears 

  plant thorns, the stems of a blackberry bush that has detached from its thorns, 2020 

TWO DEGREES PLUS : A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibit 2020
Commissioned by Artrmx e.V.

The title, and also the object of the work ‘All that remains and something that never disappears’ came from Claude Lévi-Strauss’ interview with George Charbonnier about nature.

Blackberry bushes can be found everywhere in the forest. They grow over dead trees, they line the edge of the forest, and serve as protection for the small forest inhabitants. A glance at the intertwined branches reveals apparent chaos, but when you take a closer look at the branches, a natural system of beautiful thorn formations unfolds. Jazoo Yang devotes herself to the details in natural systems, which unfold in urban space or even in the forest, but remain invisible. Only when extracted from their system they become visible and remind us that nature has made its way into the present before man-made structures and systems.

- Margrit Miebach, Director @ Artrmx e.V.

<work in progress>


<Installation views> 


thorns of various plants on wood frame _ 45x23.8cm _ 2021

<Installation view at Meanwhile Elsewhere, Berlin, 2021>